RCA 37-7968 Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis) Compact 33 Undocumented Variation

37-7968In 1961, RCA Victor Records released Can’t Help Falling In Love b/w Rock-A-Hula Baby on compact 33. The prefix (37) denotes compact 33. The catalog (7968) is identical to the relatively common counterpart release as a 45 RPM (47-7968). This release was part of an industry-wide attempt to establish a one-speed record market which began in 1960, that was anticipated to phase out the 45 RPM within two to five years of it’s introduction. Using big name artists, like Elvis Presley to propagate sales of the compact 33 in the direction of market domination should have been enough, however, it wasn’t. In 1961, 45 RPM record sales were climbing at a record pace, the major discount stores cut retail prices by nearly 22%, and lack of inexpensive automatic 33-speed singles player discouraged the promotion of the compact 33. All these factors and more attribute to the extreme rarity of this single.

Mfg: RCA Victor Records
Catalog: 37-7968
Title: Can’t Help Falling In Love b/w Rock-A-Hula Baby
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 12/1961
Book Value: $8000 record, $8000 sleeve

Both of the pictures are of separate eBay offerings that took place in 5/2000 and 1/2001.
This image shows the 37-7968 beginning under the “A” in RCA, almost centered.


The following image shows 37-7968 with a right alignment and beginning under the “i” in Victor.