Mego Space 1999 custom playset

From time to time, there is something that is offered that nobody else has. Recently came across this custom command center for Space 1999 on eBay. A custom made Command Desk & Communications Post from Gerry Anderson’s Space: 1999. These are painstakingly referenced from screen captures – the desk is a replica of the one of several props used in Command Center in Year 2. Scaled to the Palitoy (Mego) & CTVT Action Figure range, this lot consists of the desk & chair and measures approx, 14cm long x 7cm wide x 12cm tall. Each desk had unique detailing and this particular prop was often (although not always) in the foreground of Command Center.

Also included is a replica Communications Post as seen throughout Moonbase Alpha. This particular example id modeled after the unit seen in Commander Koenig’s Office in Year One. Model measures approx, 7cm x 7cm wide x 24cm tall.

These are reference “prototypes” and are constructed from card, fiber board & detailed with custom created/printed graphics.

Originally created by me for a celebration of Space: 1999’s 30th birthday event at Pinewood Studios, these models were used as references for one of several center pieces used at the celebration dinner.


ebay: 110254121838
Date: May 25, 2008
Sold: $154.06