The DC Comics Super Heroes line was released in 1989 by ToyBiz and began as Batman series based on the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. There are three figures to this set, with variations totaling seven. As the DC Comics Super Heroes line, there are only 12 figures to this set, however, adding the variations brings the total to 17 figures. The toughest regular release card seems to be Superman. Among the variations, one maybe two Batman variations, Joker with hair, the two Penguin with missile-firing missiles are difficult and the green limbed Aquaman on US card, which I believe was released only overseas.




Notice that there are really at least four different Batman heads, not three as the guides depict. From top, left corner, the cowl ears are far apart, the jaw is distinct, with full lips. The right, top corner, the cowl ears are far apart with square jaw. The bottom, left has cowl ears rounded inward, the face is flesh tone painted, and the bubble around the head is rectangular. The bottom, righ has cowl ers rounded inward, the face is flesh tone molded, and the bubble is rounded around the head.






Item NoWave(s)CharacterVariation
4401Wave 1BatmanRound jaw, small head
4401Wave 1BatmanRound jaw, painted, small head
4401Wave 1BatmanSquare jaw, large head
4401Wave 1BatmanRound jaw, large head, Keaton head
4402Wave 2Robin
4403Wave 2Superman
4404Wave 2Wonder Woman
4406Wave 1The JokerCurl of hair on forehead
4406Wave 1The JokerNo Curl of hair on forehead
4407Wave 1Bob the Goon
4408Wave 2Lex Luthor
4409Wave 2The Penguinsmall missle-firing
4409Wave 2The Penguinlarge missle-firing
4409Wave 2The Penguinumbrella-firing, large tails on jacket
4409Wave 2The Penguinumbrella-firing, short tails on jacket
4411Wave 2The Riddler
4412Wave 2Mr. Freeze
4413Wave 3Green Lantern
4414Wave 3The FlashDC Comics Super Heroes card
4414Wave 3The FlashFlash in large letters as a tie-in to the TV series
4415Wave 3Aquamanorange limbs
4415Wave 3Aquamangreen limbs (US card)
4421Wave 3Hawkman
4427Wave 3Two-Face
4441The Flashwith Turbo Platform (1991)



All images except for the Joker with hair variation are from my collection.


The images of the Penguin variants and the missing five figures are taken from Tomart’s Encyclopedia and Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles.