Every now and again, this site expands it focus on just collecting. It seems that everything can be collectible. Diskette collecting and America Online collecting is no exception.

There are many sites with collectors whom have documented the America Online disks and CDs in great detail. Years ago, there was a sale of a 3 1/2″ disk of America Online that sold for over $9000. Some collectors had often wondered of the existence of the the 5 1/4″ floppy version of America Online. No more speculation is needed, it does exist and here are some images to document it’s existence.

Here are some basic observations of the label. The label is purple, white, and turquoise. America Online for Windows is in gold and blue. The instructions, version number, and product code are in purple. It is a little dirty, likely from the repeated handling of the floppy. It came with a generic white sleeve.

Not being an expert on this, here is where the information may be off. This is likely a 1993 release, prior to the mass production campaign. This sold for $100.