Elvis Presley LP RCA Quad Record Guide (US)

elvis-quadIn the 1970’s RCA introduced 4 channel quadraphonic vinyl records and 8 track tapes. Quadraphonic audio is considered to be similar or equivalent to today’s surround sound. These are extremely difficult to obtain as the quads were available in lesser quantities than the regular stereo releases. With Elvis Presley – Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite introduced to the world in 1973, RCA launched it’s quadraphonic line. Only three additional Elvis titles would be released simultaneously with their standard release counterpart. Some could argue that the Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii is in dual formats, however, this was only a label change, the recorded format in all cases are Quadraphonic.This format is known by several descriptors, including quad, quadraphonic, and quadradisc.

RCA Quadraphonic Record Gallery

Here is the complete Quadraphonic record gallery. Although only three titles were released in dual formats, quadraphonic or dual channels, there are several variations of each as noted in the table below.


1Elvis: Recorded Live on Stage in MemphisAPD1-0606Orange1974
2Promised LandAPD1-0873Orange1975
2Promised LandAPD1-0873Black1977