Elvis Presley – RCA LP Tan Label Gallery

The focus of this gallery is on the RCA LP Elvis Presley catalog of records that was released 1975 through 1976 on RCA’s tan label. This gallery is intended to include the Elvis Presley LP catalog that was originally released on the tan label as well as the re-releases. Several titles are extremely difficult to obtain. This “living” gallery is from my personal collection and will change as my collection grows. I have put this gallery together as I have not found a concise image gallery to satisfy my curiosity, so if you are as interested in the tan label Elvis Presley releases, then this gallery may interest you. Enjoy.

1975-1976 Tan Label
RCA introduced the orange label LP in 1975 and ran through early 1976. These labels are commonly referred to as the “tan label” releases others have described these as brown or beige. Several titles are scarce with this label.