RCA LPM-1254 Elvis Presley


This is it. Elvis Presley’s very first LP release on RCA records. It was March 1956, when LPM-1254 was released.




Mfg: RCA Victor Records
Catalog: LPM-1254
Title: Elvis Presley
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 3/56
Book Value: $500

LPM-1254 Elvis Presley (front)LPM-1254 Elvis Presley (back)

COVER 1: Front: Black-and white Elvis photo is centered. RCA logo and number at upper right. “Elvis” at left in light pink. Back: Four black-and white Elvis photos. Number at upper right. Box of text at lower right explains “New Orthophonic Recordings,” “Blunted Needles,” and “Gruve/Gard.”


DISC 1: Black label, “Long Play” at bottom.

INNER SLEEVE 1: Generic RCA sleeve. No mention of Elvis or this LP.

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