RCA LPM-3921 Elvis’ Gold Records – Volume 4

Elvis Presley monaural pressing of Elvis’ Gold records – Volume 4! Since the early 1960’s, RCA Victor Records had released the majority of their LP line in dual formats, monaural and stereo. The monaural releases are denoted with the prefix LPM, while the stereo is denoted by LSP. In 1968, the monaural format was phased out in favor of stereo. The later releases of 1968 were pressed in very limited quantities. Though it is not known the quantities, it is known that collectors will pay a premium for many of these releases. On such release is the second to the last Elvis Presley album printed in dual formats, the rare monaural pressing of Elvis’ Gold records – Volume 4 with catalog number LPM-3921.

There is a desirable slightly more common Canadian release, with an identical cover to the US release, however with “Printed in Canada” printed in yellow on the left hand side of the front cover. The record has “Long Play” on bottom.

Mfg: RCA Victor Records
Catalog: LPM-3921
Title: Elvis’ Gold Records – Volume 4
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 1968
Book Value: $4,000

lpm-3921a-600 lpm-3921b-600

COVER 1: Front: Nipper logo at top center, number at lower left.

lpm-3921a-side1-600 lpm-3921a-side2-600

DISC 1: Black label, “Monaural” at bottom.


INNER SLEEVE 1: 21-11201 40C (1967)
Blue, black and white. Front: RCA’s Elvis LP catalog, most recent being Spinout (side 1, row 2, column 7). Back: RCA Elvis Stereo 8 catalog.