RCA LSP-1951 (e) Elvis’ Christmas Album – 1968 – orange label

1951-lsp-re-wt-stereo-cover-side1-w-stickerRCA Victor presents Elvis’ Christmas Album. Originally released in 1957 as LOC-1035 with a flip fold cover containing a mini booklet full of elvis pictures and discography, this album was re-issued in 1958, 1963, and 1964 in long-play, mono, and monaural respectively as LPM-1951.

The first stereo release was in 1964 as LSP-1951. This was a black label, RCA logo in white, with all other print in silver. This is a fairly common release. However, in November 1968, RCA re-released their Elvis catalog with their new orange label. These releases are not to be confused with the later 1971 release which is also orange label, as these are non-flexible vinyl. The 1971 orange labels are commonly called flexible vinyl. RCA would later print “Dynaflex” on their labels.

Although the price guide lists this orange label, non-flexible or rigid vinyl release of Elvis’ Christmas Album at a modest $150.00, I believe it to be far rarer than the guide considers it to be. In recent months (3/30/2009 through 7/1/2009), I have only seen two copies, US releases, listed and sold and two German copies.

Mfg: RCA Records
Catalog: LSP-1951 (e)
Title: Elvis’ Christmas Album
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 11/1968
Book Value: $150

Front: RCA Victor logo at upper right, number at upper left, RE lower left, and Stereo in upper right, with or without Stereo reprocessed sticker over top.



Orange label. Rigid vinyl. (11/1968)

Matrix numbers
Side 1: RPRS-6163-6S
Side 2: RPRS-6164-26S

Reference the article Inner Sleeve Collection for images and details.

21-112-1 40C (3/1967)
21-112-1 40D (6/1968)*


Orange label. Non flexible vinyl. (1969-1970)

Matrix numbers
Side 1: RPRS-6163-13S
Side 2: RPRS-6164-15S

Reference the article Inner Sleeve Collection for images and details.

21-112-1 40C (3/1967)*
21-112-1 40D (6/1968)

Inner Sleeve Collection (4/2009) Available from: https://www.megocollector.com/.
Jerry Osborne & Robert Alaniz, Presleyana V (Washington: Osborne Enterprises, 2002)
Jerry Osborne, Osborne Cyberguides (Washington: Osborne Enterprises, 2006)
ebay auction 110364096860, details and images, sold for $35.00. (3/3/2009)
ebay auction 370223019902, details and images, sold for $150.00. (7/1/2009)

*Verified against my collection. ** Verified against online images or other resources.