RCA LSP-2697 It Happened At The World’s Fair (Elvis) Orange Label

LSP-2697-sm-aElvis Presley orange label, rigid vinyl pressing of It Happened At The World’s Fair! In 1968, RCA Victor Records deleted the black label, dog on top Nipper labels for the orange label with new RCA logo. With this change, RCA reissued much of the Elvis Presley catalog with this new label. Not all of the Elvis catalog were reissued with the orange label and not the entire catalog were issued in equal and abundant quantities. Regardless of the production numbers, these have become very desirable among collectors and are becoming quite rare and difficult to find. This previously undiscovered copy may change the way collectors look at the orange label releases. I would even go as far as suggesting that the entire Elvis Presley catalog was re-released, since there are only a few remaining to be seen.

Mfg: RCA Victor Records
Catalog: LSP-2697
Title: It Happened At The World’s Fair
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 1968 (1969/1970 Rigid)
Book Value: $848 (Only recorded sale 3/1/2008)


COVER 4: Front: RCA logo at upper right, number at upper left. Color Elvis photo. Back: Two color Elvis photos from film. Same as cover 2.

LSP-2697-orange-side1108743424 tp

DISC 4: Orange Label. Rigid Vinyl.


INNER SLEEVE: 21-11201 40D (6/1968)
Red, black and white. Front: RCA’s Elvis LP catalog, most recent being Elvis’ Gold Records, Vol. 4 (side 1, row 4, column 5). Back: RCA’s Elvis LP and Twin Pack Stereo 8 catalog.

Auction Detail


Here is one for the ultimate Elvis collection, MEGA RARE, never identified in any price guide before, not known to exist! I was stunned when I picked this up in a collection a few weeks ago, I have always looked for the rigid vinyl orange label and simply like other collectors believed it did not exist! Well here it is!! This cover is the same cover that was used in earlier variations and it is in very nice shape, does have some light edge wear, but very nice look and feel to it. The record is the value here and it is stunning, just mint in every way, the labels are stunning, the vinyl looks to have never been played. If you want to own something that very few if any collections have, THIS IS IT! I don’t know if we will see another, but the RIGID VINYL ORANGE LABEL “It Happened at the World’s Fair” US release does exist!