RCA LSP-3450 Elvis For Everyone w/ sticker UNDOCUMENTED VARIATION

lsp-3450Elvis for Everyone is the twenty-third album by Elvis Presley, issued on RCA Records in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 3450, in August 1965. It peaked at number 10 on the Top Pop LPs chart. According to one source, it is considered to be a ten year anniversary album to celebrate Elvis’ career. This compilation of material spanning ten years of music, is the first Elvis Presley album to sell fewer than 300,000 copies. Although, the first release may not have fared well in the records sales, it was released several more times over the years.

This copy is a re-release from 1968, however, it is unique in that it offers an undocumented sticker with the LSP-3450 catalog number printed on it.

Mfg: RCA Victor Records
Catalog: LSP-3450 (e)
Title: Elvis For Everyone
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release: 11/68
Book Value: $75


COVER 3: Front: RCA logo at upper right and number at upper left. Has color photo of Elvis standing near a cash register. Back: Pictures 15 earlier Elvis LPs in color.

COVER 5: Similar to cover 3, except Elvis’ name is in orange print instead of red. Also other print on front is not as dark as on cover 3.

Note: I have included both descriptions for COVER 3 and COVER 5 as I believe that this leans more to COVER3 as ELVIS is red. The back also has dark gold trim around each record, I have a later copy with a yellow trim. Also on the back “Available from Your RCA Victor Dealer” is in red while a later copy is in orange.

DISC 5: Orange label. Rigid vinyl.


INNER SLEEVE 5: 21-112-1 40D
Red, black and white. Front: RCA’s Elvis LP catalog, most recent being Elvis’ LP and Twin Pack Stereo 8 catalog. May also be found with inner sleeves 40B and 40C. This copy is the 40D.

The striking detail in the above photo is the dark spot next to the LSP-3450. It is a sticker that reads “Stereo effect reprocessed from monophonic – some selections stereo” in the lower right hand corner LSP3450. This sticker is specific to this album. I spotted this copy several years ago on eBay, and picked up for the price of a normal copy. I then encountered another copy around 2006, it went for over $75.