Mego Star Trek figures were originally released on Type I bodies. These bodies are easily distinguishable by their metal rivots at each of the joints. These Type I bodies were carded on the “five face” card. Type II bodies were released with the “six face” card. The Type II bodies are distinguishable with their flesh colored joints.

Until now, there are no known Type I bodies on carded Series II “six face” cards. This is a Mego Star Trek, Series I Dr. McCoy on a Series II cardback.

This may be a one-of-a-kind. This is a Type I body Dr. McCoy (Bones) on Series II cardback. It is believed that Type I bodies were released on Series I or “five face” card and the Type II bodies were released on the Series II or “six face” card back. For those who don’t know, the Type I bodies use metal rivets to support the joints. The Type II bodies use plastic pins to support the joints.

IMG 2021


IMG 2024

This close-up clearly shows metal rivets indicating that the Dr. McCoy is constructed of a Type I body. The “six face” card is Series II item no. 51200/3.