Mego The Greatest American Hero Convertible Bug MIB

The Greatest American Hero (GAH) Convertible bug with Ralph and Bill action figures was one of the final production runs for Mego Corporation. I can remember when I first/only time saw them on an end cap at K-mart. I had the opportunity to own one then as they were already marked down. However, when asked, I replied not yet, I want the figures on the back. After all they were eight inch in size like the rest of my Mego superhero collection (never to be released). Why would I want these small three and a half inch figures as I didn’t have any other at the time. Well, little did I know then. Anyway, there is a great specimen available on ebay.

Here is what is written about it.

This one is considered by most as: the holy grail of mego pieces. The last one listed here on ebay was 2007, it was loose and it sold for $835.00. This mego figure is considered one of the hardest mego pieces to find in the world. The box is in nice unopened condition it has a small issue on one side where you open the piece, but the pictures will tell all and it doesn’t take anything away from the pieces overall presentation. The car is beginning to yellow a bit. The plastic cover that is applied to the car is in perfect condition and is still fully stuck to the card. (Sometimes in other mego’s they come apart like Cher mego’s, etc…) this … is fully secure. The inside of this piece from sound (it’s unopened), so all I can do is hear…sound’s like possibly the rubber bands holding the car have cracked so there is the sound of the rubber band pieces moving around, not a big issue and I am sure very common with the 10 these left in the world that are sealed or so. (… no real count has been made but it’s less than 100 I know). The car sit’s inside the box, there is factory cardboard cutouts for the 4 wheels of the bug to sit in, the bug sits in those nicely but without the rubber bands or whatever was holding it the car move, there’s not much room but it can move. The 2 – 3 3/4″ figures are very secure with there tie lines. Overall this piece being in unopened condition is in great condition, aside from one side pictured it’s a real beauty and a real treasure to look at, with no real issues that take anything away from the piece.


I also remember, I did get the opportunity to play with one of these as a neighbor had one (back in the 1980s). The Bill figure was already broken, the Ralph figure missing, and the car had problems remaining together. I don’t remember what was wrong exactly with the car, I believe with the bumper or wheels. Anyway, they weren’t constructed very well. To find one in this condition is remarkable. The boxes on the end cap that I saw, did not look this good. Why I remember this, well it is because The Greatest American Hero was at the time a favorite show of mine, and anything related to it was difficult to find, even then.