StarTrek Wax 1 FlatTopps released this Star Trek set of cards and stickers, in 1976, depicting the television series. It was geared to the “whole new generation of young Star Trek fans”. This 88 card set is complimented with 22 stickers. There seems to be a disparaging ratio of stickers to cards. Each pack contained 5 cards, 1 sticker plus gum in every 10 cent pack. It is often referred to as the “Captains Log” set as this is the title on the backs of the cards.

This set is a very desirable set to obtain, however, one would have to question it’s rarity. These cards turn up quite often and often at premium pricing. For some reason, this set commands hundreds of dollars, and individual card and sticker prices command values on their own.

This is a pictorial guide of this set.

StarTrek Wax 1 Flat