In 1960, RCA and a number of major record labels had introduced the compact 33 single in an attempt to create a one-speed format market. It was a move that many within the industry had thought would take two to five years for the market sales to switch from the 45s to the compact 33s. With a shortage of inexpensive automatic 33-speed singles players to discourage promotion of the compact 33 and the majority, of 3,000 discount stores cutting their prices of the 45 RPM from ninety-eight cents to seventy-seven cents, by 1961 the compact 33 as an industry standard was no more.1

Mfg.CatalogArtistSelectionPrice RangeYear
RCA37-7829Neil SedakaCalendar Girl / The Same Old Fool30-501960/12
RCA37-7830Henry ManciniTheme from "The Great Imposter" / Love Music21961/03
RCA37-7831Marilyn MichaelsPast The Age of Innoncence / Dannyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7832Andy & the Bey SistersTrees / You Can't Be Mine Anymore101961
RCA37-7833Della ReeseYou Mean All The World To Me / The Most Beautiful Words15-251961
RCA37-7834Barry MartinGot A Whole Lot Of Lovin' To Do / Why'd I Have To Fall31961
RCA37-7835Boots RandolphBig Daddy / Bongo Bandunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7836Ames BrothersA Kiss from Cora / Asking For You121961
RCA37-7837Porter WagonerYour Old Love Letters / Heartbreak Affairunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7838Tommy TuckerReturn of the Teenage Queen / Since You Have Gone10-151961
RCA37-7839The CablesChoo Choo / Moonlight And Roses6-101961
RCA37-7840Floyd CramerOn The Rebound / Mood Indigo61961
RCA37-7841Don GibsonWhat About Me / The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise15-201961
RCA37-7842Edwin BruceFlight 303 / Spun Gold61961
RCA37-7843Jerry HolmesRed River Sally / Our Language of Love121961
RCA37-7844Penny & JeanI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know10-151961
RCA37-7845Ray PetersonMy Blue Angel / I'm Tired12.51961
RCA37-7846WanderoboReachless/Voice of the Wind1961
RCA37-7847Chet AtkinsThe Slop/Hot Mocking Bird101961
RCA37-7848Cleo JonsThe Shortest Distance/All of Everything101961
RCA37-7849Hank SnowLifetime Blues / Maple Leaves (Canada Only)unconfirmed1961/02
RCA37-7850Elvis PresleySurrender / Lonely Man500-7001961/02
RCA37-7851Linda GreenHoney Buggie / Traded Off31961
RCA37-7852Homer and JethroAre You Lonesome Tonight / I Love Your Pizzaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7853Sam CookeThat's It - I Quit I'm Movin' On / Why Do You Say30-501961
RCA37-7854Al HirtElegie / Janineunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7855Jim ReevesThe Blizzard / Danny Boyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7856Marty GoldCarnival In Rome / My Romanceunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7857Ann-MargretI Ain't Got Nobody / Lost Love20-401961
RCA37-7858Sonny JamesApache / Magnetismunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7859The LimelitersA Dollar Down / When Twice The Moon Has Come And Goneunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7860David DanteK-K-K Katy / Speedy Gonzales30-401961
RCA37-7861Eddy Arnold(Jim) I Wore A Tie Today / Just Call Me Lonesome20-301961
RCA37-7862Don RobertsonBobby-O / Buttons And Bowsunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7863Skeeter DavisThe Hand You're Holding Now / Someday Someday51961
RCA37-7864Barry MartinAre You Sure / Little Lonely Oneunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7865Elvis PresleyWooden Heart / Shoppin' Around (Canada)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7866The BrownsGround Hog / Angel's Dolly10-151961
RCA37-7867Della ReeseThe Touch Of Your Lips / Won'cha Come Home, Bill Bailey15-251961
RCA37-7868Hugo and LuigiBimbombey / La Pachangaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7869Hank SnowBeggar To A King / Poor Little Jimmieunconfirmed1961/04
RCA37-7870Gary ClarkeGreen Finger / I Promised Amelia101961
RCA37-7871Hank LocklinFrom Here To There To You / This Song Is Just For Youunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7872Sam FletcherHold Me / You Did It20-301961
RCA37-7873Perez PradoTeresita La Chunga / Ritmo De Chungaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7874Neil SedakaLittle Devil / I Must Be Dreaming30-501961
RCA37-7875Gordon TerryAnd Then I Heard The Bad News / I Had A Talk With Meunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7876Brother Dave GardnerCoward At The Alamo / You Are My Love8.881961
RCA37-7877Mickey and SylviaLove Is The Only Thing / Love Lesson20-401961
RCA37-7878Roger MillerWhen Two Worlds Collide / Every Which-A-Wayunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7879B.G. KayOh How I Cried / Popcorn Peanuts Crackerjacks And Candy Kissesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7880Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country1000-15001961
RCA37-7881George Hamilton IVThree Steps To The Picnic / The Ballad Of Widder Jonesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7882Miss PeachesCallin' Moody Field - Part 1 / Callin' Moody Field - Concludedunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7883Sam CookeCupid / Farewell My Darling30-401961
RCA37-7884Della ReeseA Far Better Thing / I Possess15-251961
RCA37-7885Allen ReynoldsThrough The Eyes Of Love / What A Pretty Little Girlunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7886Mary PettiGee But It Hurts / Hey Lawdy Lawdyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7887Rosemary ClooneyTheme From Return To Peyton Place / Without Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7888Ray EllisLa Dolce Vita / Parliami Di Miunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7889Jerry HolmesOn The Rebound / With These Handsunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7890Don GibsonSea Of Heartbreak / I Think Its Best (To Forget Me)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7891Chet AtkinsMan Of Mystery / Windy And Warmunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7892Baker KnightAnytime At All / Dum Dum Diggley Dum15-251961
RCA37-7893Floyd CramerSan Antonio Rose / I Just Can't Imagineunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7894Ann-MargretI Just Don't Understand / I Don't Hurt Anymore20-301961
RCA37-7895Daryl PettyGoodnight Mr. Blues / One Love Foreverunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7896The TokensWhen I Go To Sleep At Night / Dry Your Eyes30-401961
RCA37-7897David DanteSee You In September / I'm Getting Marriedunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7898The Kane TripletsLove Message / Oh Rickyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7899Hank SnowK.C.'s Washerwoman Boogie / Hawaiian Sunset (Canada)unconfirmed1961/06
RCA37-7900The PortraitsYo-Yo Girl / My Big Brother's Friendunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7901Porter WagonerEverything She Touches Gets The Blues / Sugar Foot Ragunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7902Henry ManciniFanny / My Cousin From Naplesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7903Al HirtPerky / I'm On My Way71961
RCA37-7904Jan Peerce(NOT ISSUED)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7905Jim ReevesWhat Would You Do? / Stand At Your Windowunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7906JulianaYou Can Have Any Boy / You're Saying Goodnightunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7907Floyd CramerYour Last Goodbye / Hang Onunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7908Elvis Presley(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister5000-60001961
RCA37-7909Don RobertsonFeather In The Wind / Tennessee Waltzunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7910Jimmy ElledgeSend Me A Letter / Swanee River Rocketunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7911The ConcordsAgain / The Boy Most Likelyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7912The RaftsmenYellow Bird / Shame And Scandalunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7913The LimelitersPaco Peco / A Hundred Years Agounconfirmed1961
RCA37-7914The FayrosBoot Heel Rag / Skokiaan15-251961
RCA37-7915Mitchell AyresWho Cares / Evening In Paris (Canada)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7916Henry ManciniMoon River / Breakfast At Tiffany'sunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7917The BrownsWhispering Wine / My Baby's Gone10-151961
RCA37-7918Dore AlpertGotta Get A Girl / Dreamlandunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7919Sonny JamesInnocent Angel / Hey Little Duckyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7920Ray Martin OrchestraThe Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / The Mime's Themeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7921Hank LocklinYou're The Reason / Happy Birthday To Meunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7922Neil SedakaSweet Little You / I Found My World In You15-251961
RCA37-7923The Blue ChipsPuddles Of Tears / The Contestunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7924Cindy MaloneWeird / Young Marriageunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7925The TokensSincerely / When The Summer Is Through25-351961
RCA37-7926Eddy ArnoldOne Grain Of Sand / The Worst Night Of My Life20-301961/09
RCA37-7927Sam CookeFeel It / It's All Right30-401961
RCA37-7928Skeeter DavisOptimistic / Blueberry Hillunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7929Andy and The Bey SistersChanson D'Amour / Big Mamouunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7930The NuggetsBefore We Say Goodnight / Angel On The Dance Floorunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7931The NeptunesCuriosity Killed The Cat / This Is Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7932Peter NeroMaria / On The Street Where You Liveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7933Hank SnowThe Restless One / I Knowunconfirmed1961/09
RCA37-7934George Hamilton IVTo You And Yours (From Me And Mine) / I Want A Girlunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7935The Blue ChipsLet It Ride / Adios Adiosunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7936Linda GreenMean To Me / It's A Sin To Tell A Lieunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7937Robert WeedeShalom / Mimi Benzell As Simple As Thatunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7938John D. LoudermilkLanguage Of Love / Darling Janeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7939Hugo WinterhalterI Believe In You / Viennese Nightingaleunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7940The Sweet Sick TeensThe Pretzel / Agnes The Teenage Russian Spy50-751961
RCA37-7941Norman Luboff ChoirEverything Beautiful / His Own Little Islandunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7942The LimelitersMilk And Honey / Red Roses And White Wine1961
RCA37-7943David DanteJuanita / Garden Of Edenunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7944Gordon TerryYou Remembered Me / How My Baby Can Loveunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7945Timothy HayThat's What Girls Are Made For / Breakawayunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7946Jimmy ElledgeFunny How Time Slips Away / Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jackunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7947The Honey DreamersHow To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying (PROMO ONLY)unconfirmed1961
RCA37-7948Rosemary ClooneyGive Myself A Party / If I Can Stay Away Long Enoughunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7949Mary PettiBroken Hearted / Just For A Boyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7950Jim ReevesLosing Your Love / (How Can I Write On Paper) What I Feel In My Heartunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7951Bonnie GuitarI'll Step Down / Tell Her Byeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7952Ann-MargretIt Do Me So Good / Gimme Love20-401961
RCA37-7953Ray Ellis OrchestraPortofino / Shalomunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7954The TokensThe Lions Sleep Tonight / Tina25-351961
RCA37-7955Hugo and LuigiBrotherhood Of Man / Love From A Heart Of Goldunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7956Peter NeroMaria / Theme From Summer And Smokeunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7957Neil SedakaHappy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Don't Lead Me On30-501961
RCA37-7958Roger MillerBurma Shave / Fair Swiss Maidenunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7959Don GibsonLonesome Number One / Same Old Troubleunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7960H.B. BarnumBaby Baby Baby (All The Time) / How Many More Timesunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7961Della ReeseOne / What Do You Think, Joe15-251961
RCA37-7962Perry ComoYou're Following Me / Especially For The Youngunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7963Perez Prado and his OrchestraArrivederci Roma - Chunga / Moliendo Cafe - Chungaunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7964Gaynel HodgeBachelor In Paradise / The Door Is Still Openunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7965Hank LocklinHappy Journey / I Need You Now51961
RCA37-7966The LimelitersJust An Honest Mistake / Jonahunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7967Porter WagonerMisery Loves Company / I Cried Againunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7968Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling in Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby6000-80001961/11
RCA37-7969The BrownsFoolish Pride / Alpha And Omega10-151961
RCA37-7970The Three SunsHoney Bee / Fun In The Sununconfirmed1961
RCA37-7971Chet AtkinsJingle Bells / Jingle Bells Rockunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7972Sam FletcherI Believe In You / Sweet Slumberunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7973Ginny AngelThere'll Be Some Changes Made / Henry Schultz's Heartunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7974Anita and The So and So'sJoey Baby / Rinky Tinky Rhythmunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7975Tommy BoyceAlong Came Linda / You Look So Lonelyunconfirmed1961
RCA37-7976Toni HarperI'm Learning / Lazy Riverunconfirmed
RCA37-7977Paul AnkaLove Me Warm And Tender / I'd Like To Know15-251962
RCA37-7978Floyd CramerChattanooga Choo Choo / Let's Gounconfirmed1962
RCA37-7979Skeeter DavisWhere I Ought To Be / Something Preciousunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7980Johnny CameronThirty Miles Of Railroad Track / Here I Stand (NOT ISSUED)unconfirmed1962
RCA37-7981Red SovineThe Cajun Queen / Big Dreamsunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7982Gary ClarkeOne Way Ticket / Tomorrow May Never Comeunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7983Sam CookeTwistin' The Night Away / One More Time30-401962
RCA37-7984Eddy ArnoldTears Broke Out On Me / I'll Do As Much For You Someday20-301962/02
RCA37-7985Grandison SngersLittle Liza / Grandison Twistunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7986Ann-MargretWhat Am I Supposed To Do / Let's Stop Kidding Each Otherunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7987Al NevinsAlone With The Blues / Night Themeunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7988Dore AlpertLittle Lost Lover / Won't You Be My Valentineunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7989Gordon TerryLong Black Limousine / Wild Desireunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7990Rhetta DelFooled / Unimportant Thingsunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7991TokensB'Wa Nina / Weeping River25-351962
RCA37-7992Elvis PresleyGood Luck Charm / Anything That's Part Of You8000-120001962/02
RCA37-7993John D. LoudermilkThou Shalt Not Steal / Mister Jonesunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7994Walter ForbesBallad Of Lost Jimmie Whalen / Cumberland Mountain Deer Chaseunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7996Della ReeseNinety-Nine And A Half Won't Do / You Don't Know How Blessed You Are15-251962
RCA37-7997The BrownsButtons And Bows / Remember Me10-151962
RCA37-7998Sonny JamesThe Day's Not Over Yet / The Legend Of Brown Mountain Lightunconfirmed1962
RCA37-7999Duane EddyDeep In The Heart Of Texas / Saints And Sinnersunconfirmed1962
RCA47-8001George Hamilton IVChina Doll / Commerce Street And Sixth Avenue Northunconfirmed1962
RCA47-8002Baker KnightWho's Little Baby Are You / Bring It On Home (NOT ISSUED)unconfirmed1962
RCA47-8003Mary PettiA Dollar And A Penny / Arrival In Town (NOT ISSUED)unconfirmed1962
RCA47-8004Perry ComoThe Island Of Forgotten Lovers / Caterinaunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8005Kellie DouglasMy Mama Don't Like Him / Big Hunky Babyunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8006Perez Prado and his OrchestraPatricia - Twist / Ti-Pi-Tin - Twistunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8007Neil SedakaWalk With Me / King Of Clowns30-501962
RCA37-8008Henry ManciniExperiment In Terror / Tooty Twistunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8009Hank SnowYou Take The Future (And I'll Take The Past) / Dog Bone1962/03
RCA37-8010Carl BelewOdd Man Out / Second Chanceunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8011Lenny MilesDonna's Gone / Living Dreamunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8012Jimmy ElledgeCan't You See It In My Eyes / What A Laughunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8013Floyd CramerLovesick Blues / The First Hurtunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8014H.B. BarnumCall On Me / Oh My Achin' Backunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8015Mary PettiEdge Of The World / Passing Paradeunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8016Al HirtAl Di La / Talkin' 'Bout That Riverunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8017Don GibsonI Can Mend Your Broken Heart / I Let Her Get Lonelyunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8018The TokensThe Riddle / Big Boat20-301962
RCA37-8019Jim ReevesAdios Amigo / A Letter To My Heartunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8020Rod LaurenI Dreamed / A Wonderous Placeunconfirmed1962
RCA37-8021Della ReeseRome Adventure / Here's That Rainy Day15-251962

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