RCA Records 45 RPM Holder and Card

This is something interesting. Never having ever seen one of these before and can’t find another of any similarity on the internet, this is quite unusual and rare. An unused greeting card. Not too easily seen in these images are little push outs from the center of the white background. Here you would put a 45 RPM. The card measures just large enough to support a 45 RPM record. It has the RCA Victor logo on the back. Printed in U.S.A. and item number Form 2K4035 lower left corner on the back.

The card reads “Just what the doctor ordered …”


The gatefold reads like a presciption from the pharmacy. “A ‘note of good cheer’ – and a wish for you speedy recovery”


How old is this card? What is interesting is the record that the doctor is holding. Red vinyl with grey background with two horizontal lines. Ignoring for the moment the grey background and focus on the red vinyl. The earliest series of 45s were introduced in 1949. The color of the vinyl was based on the genre of the music. The red vinyl was used for the Classical music genre. The two horizonal lines indicate a 45 released in the era of 1949-1952. I would put the age of this card in that timeframe, 1949-1952.