Mego Star Trek Series I cardbackDespite the fact that the television series had been canceled over five years before, Star Trek had gained greater popularity than it ever had, through reruns and with the release of the cartoon series. Mego capitalized on this success with the historical release of the first five Star Trek figures in late 1974. A lot of the artwork used was geared more towards the cartoon. These images for this pictorial guide are taken from my personal collection. This assortment of figures utilizes the Type 1 body (most notably the metal rivets). The card back is sometimes referred to as the “five face” version.

A discovery in the 1980s in Canada made these figures readily available. I was fortunate enough to purchase a set of five from a vendor in Pennsylvania at $25 each in the late 1980s. I was told by the vendor that I would be able to buy the figures at $25 each, if I buy the set of five, as Scottie was short packed and only a couple of sets could be made. The vendor had two cases of figures.

Mego Star Trek Series I Assortment

FigureStock #Mix 1 (1974)