Mego Star Trek Series 2 – Guide

Mego Star Trek Series 2 – Guide This is a pictorial guide to the second wave of Star Trek. The first five figures were re-released along with Lt. Uhura. This assortment is more common than the original line. The figures are of Type 2 body build.

Variations of interest. I have seen only 1, Dr. McCoy Type 1 body on Series II card. I have it, too. Another interesting variation is a Klingon carded on a Mr. Scott card with Klingon sticker over Mr. Scott name.

Mego Star Trek Series II Assortment

FigureStock #Mix 2 (Early 1975)Mix 3 (Mid 1975)
Lt. Uhura51200/432
Case assortments of the Mego 8 inch Star Trek Series II Crew. Released in early 1975 through 1976.