Mego Star Trek Series 3 Aliens – Guide

Mego Star Trek Series 3 Aliens – Guide The final installments to the Star Trek releases. These releases were limited and are highly sought after.

I remember as a kid, I did see these figures, only once. I specifically remember seeing the Keeper, the Andorian, and the Romulan. They were being clearanced out on a sidekick at one of the registers at a specialty store that was going out of business. I could barely read the names, but I knew the logo for Star Trek and the images on the back of the card, but I wasn’t allowed to have one. I was told that “they are too ugly” and “I don’t remember seeing those characters on Star Trek”. I did, however, end up with several Mego Super Heroes.

Case assortments of the Mego 8 inch Star Trek Series III Aliens. Released in late 1975 through 1976.
FigureStock #Mix 5 (1975-76)Mix 6 (1976)